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About us

Nõmme Diner is designed in the style of the USA 50s. Classically furnished buuth service Diner. With our activities, we try to make the world better around us, using the best ingredients and offering the best possible service, just like a cherry on ice cream cocktail. The founder of Diner is the former grill master Indrek Valentin who also founded the Water Gate Grill. Diner has always had best burgers, french fries, grilled meat and fresh coffee.

Best burgers in Tallinn

Excellent place. Friendly and helpful staff, best burgers in Tallinn and awesome American road cafe atmosphere.
Aleksandr ANp

Place with a history

Come and enjoy juicy burgers in real american enviroment.

We have had a lot of american car and motorcycle events and will be having a lot of those in the future.

NB! By the way american and just cool cars are welcome to park in front of Nõmme Diner

Birthdays and events

We love events in Diner! If you want a cool American birthday or just a fun party. Send us a request!

We welcome everyone who wants to organise an event in Diner or we can make burgers at your place!

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